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Monday, December 29, 2014

A friend from Elder Schmidts ward sent these to me

Last email....

Hello there! Well this week was a little all over the place becasue of christmas... We were at a bunch of members houses and had a lot of fun!! There was this one eating appointment we had for christmas and the food they gave us was the coolest thing I have ever seen! What is was, was like a bunch of meat and a bunch of cheese and potatoes and veggies but everything was uncooked but, on the table was these little oven things that kinda reminded me of easy bake ovens for kids in America haha but what you do is you get these little trays and fill them with as much meat and everything as you want and then you stick it in the oven thing and it only takes about 10 min to cook but the cook thing is when you are done with one and are waiting for it to cook you just start on the next one! You can also fit about 15 trays in at a time! IT gets even cooler though on the top of the oven things there is a grill and you can grill your meat if you want!!!  it was super cool and I felt super manly becasue of all the meat I ate!! ;) 

This week my Companion and I learned a lot about prayer! IT was really really cool becasue, we have been meeting with M for a long time now and this whole time she has never said a prayer... This last week we were a little determinded to get her to pray. It all started with us teaching her about the temple and that actually went very very good!! She said that she wants us to get her father baptized for the dead in the temple... We told her that it would be alot more meaningful if she were able to stand in place for her father and do it for him! She thought long and hard about that one and she said that she would want that! We closed the lesson there and asked her to say the closing prayer, she was a little uneasy about saying it but then finially said it, the spirit was sooo strong as she prayed and we know that she felt it too becasue she just burst into tears and hugged us! I know that our heavenly father wants to speak to us and will let us know that he is there if we do our part and just speak to him! It was a very spiritual moment of my mission that I will never forget! 

Its funny that you said that I look brighter and everything becasue that exactly what the sisters told me here in the district! They were looking at all of the pictures that I have taken throuhg out my mission and they said that I just look sooo much happier than I did back then!! I dont know if i look sooo different that I feel different... I feel a big change and im happy that I have changed, I know I still have along way to go because I know that no one is perfect hahah But the difference from two years ago to now is huge, I just have to keep going! :) 

Well momma, Im pretty sure this is goona be my last email to you! It has been a bunch of fun but i am super excited to come home and finially see the you and the whole family!! :) I have missed you all a lot, a lot more than I thought I ever would hahaha.... I know you all love me a lot and love you a lot and im very greatful for all the support you have all given me!!  You have all been an amazing help and I cant wait to see yall!!! :) 

Well get on if you wanna chat!! LOve you all!! :)

Christmas in Bremen!!

Pictures from Christmas!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Great week

Well hello there momma!!! Well this week was a sad one but at the same time it wasnt bad... Well the Baptizm didnt happen this week... A little sad but she just isnt ready mainly because she is still living with some other dude hahah... We didnt know that she was dating this dude because we asked her at the beggining if she was dating this dude and she said no but she wasnt lying at the time... Because when we asked her she wasnt in a relationship with him she was just living wiht him becasue of the situations that she is in, she had to share an apartment wiht a dude...? But she is still doing really really good and she is still making progress but she just needs to either get married to this guy or move out and she is working on both right now hahaha. 

But this week we did have something really really cool happen... Probably my Fav investigator is making a lot of progress like a lot.... We are gonna put her on date for the last day before I go home!!! We will see if it happens... But this week we had an amazing lession with her and it was really really cool... We just starting talking about faith and repentance and talked about how what it means to repent and that it is a change of who we are and making our will gods will and for what ever reason she just burst up into tears and it was a really really cool experience and she said something that hit me kinda hard, she said, " Do always have an answer for everything??" It was a really cool experience to see how the spirit works through us to touch the hearts of others, its really really crazy, i dont feel like im doing very much or anything at all but somehow what I am saying is exactly what this person needed to hear.... It really makes me think on what it says in D&C ( I dont know what it is in Eng so i will translate as best as I can hahah)  Dont worry about what you shall say but the spitit will tell you what you should say in that very moment... I really experienced that this week because I know I dont have all the answers that can help these people and change their lives but god does and its really really cool to be the middle man so to say in his work and in his goly to bring forth the imortalitly and eternal life of man... ITs getting a little sad to leave this because I do love it here and I have nver felt sooo close to god in my life and have never been sooo happy in my life, but at the same time im not tooo worried beause I know I can also feel that at home and I know that is possiable, all I have to do is all the simple things that god has asked of me!! :) 

Sorry about the little rant hahah but, I do have a question... Are they gonna give me a topic when I come home or are they just gonna let me talk about whatever I want for the homecoming talk? If I have a topic I would like to know as soon as possiable... :) 

Oh and yeah the christmas party thing was a lot of fun! I really really liked it... We didnt do much we just had a lot of time to chill and talk with our old friends of the mission! It was a lot of fun becsue I got to see Elder Perkins! I love that guy soo much and miss him a lot we had a lot of good times together and a lot of bonding times I guess you could say but he and I would say MAN TIME ahahah! It was a little sad to say good bye because that is the last time I will see him for a long time ;( He had a couple of tears when I said good bye... a little sad.. 

Well im also really excited to see you all when I get home too!! :) Oh and thanks sooo much for the package! ITs just what I needed! thank you sooo much! Oh and yeah Im loooking at some stuff I can bring home for the fam, its christmas times so this is the time when they bring out all the hand made crafts that are really really cool!! :) I will look and see what I can find!! :) Oh well telll dad that im gonna pound him when I get home and Ethan too...If they want they can team up to try to take me but....Yeah im kinda undefeated on the mission right now so look out!!! :) 

Oh and about the name for a Ayssas "kids" hahahah well i was thinking maybe a very german name.... Kristof or Brady.... ;) But im not too good at this naming thing, you know me hahahah! But if it where my kid I would just name it Hommie or chicken nugget! :) 

Well it sounds like you had an awesome time in Cali... The weird thing is... Cali looked just like Germany form the pics that you sent me hahahah! Im still jealous becasue it is warm there hahah! 

Oh and guess what... Pres sent me a last email like all the things i need to do before I go home... AHHHHHH

The mission has been a blast and Im soooo happy I made the decision... Im sooo greatful that you got me this far momma! Thanks you sooo mcuh for all you have done for me!!! You the best!! :) 

Well I love you all and thanks sooo much!! :) 
Elder Brady Schmidt

Super cold here

Well hello there momma!!! This week was a very good one but also very very cold.... Its killing me here, and right now im sitting here in this internet cafe` and there is no heaters here and my fingers are freezing and it really really huts to type hahahahah. Well to start off the week, it was a little weird again because of the whole not having a comp thing hahah but its getting better. Its looking good though becaue Falisha one of the my investigators is gitting baptised... Normaly I would say she is our investigator but the whole not having a comp thing makes it a little hard to say WE hahaha.... But she is making a lot of progress and she is gonna be baptized this sunday and its gonna be great! I also found out that im gonna get a comp on this tuesday so tomorrow... I was hoping that i was gonna get elder perkins back but.... Cant always get what I want hahah  but the new guy sounds really cool and I think its gonna be a good last transfer..... Thats right.... I started my last transfer this week..... Kinda nutz!!!! 

Well besides that im gonna be honest it would be sooo much better if you just chated with me because my hands hurt soooo bad..... Like no joke....  Ill try to answer all of your questions real fast..... Well now is a good time to look or souvioners because all of the christmas markets are all out now and ill look at the web site today for school but you gotta tell me how please!!! ;)  

Super jealous that you all had an awesome thanksgiving!!!! wish I could have been there....

Monday, November 24, 2014

Almost thanksgiving

Hey there momma! this week was great, we had a lot of fun and... Well all I can say is that we are now in a threesom so to say hahah. Yeah thats right my old comp went home and its really sad... It was a Little rough being with him... His heart just wasnt in it... He never really wanted to do much and even our investigaors could tell that his heart just wasnt in it... I hope he stays active.... President put me in Charge of being his missionary when I go home so we will see how that works. I am really frustrtated with elder him though... He just kinda gave up and didnt really try... I was just a Little mad but... What can you do... He emailed me and asked how I was doing and just told me all about his girlfriend and stupid stuff. I think thats why he went home though was becasue of the Girl... I looked over his shoulder while he was writing his girl and she was like begging him to come home and he kept telling her that he is gonna come home and stuff...

Well the week besides that was really good we had a lot of success and had a crap load of lessons this week becaue we had to put two programs together now our appointments are like all over the place and its really hard but fun at the same time and super busy... We dont even have that much time for for p day... We have a bunch of appointments today and only have 2 hours to do pday stuff... Really lame but we cant really avoid it.... Oh and this last week was soo crazy that we had 20 lessons... I know that Cali is different that Germany so tell stephen not to judge hahah

But im doing good im gonna be honest im working really hard and giving it my all when im out and teaching People but when im at home all I can think about is home and heading back home... Im starting to get a Little trunky... I dont think it a bad Thing because i have to start thinking about home eventually. Im super excited to see everyone! Oh and is it bad that I have started to Count down the days till I go home? I hope not... hahah. I just cant wait to start Training again and getting ready for Football!!! Its gonna be sick!

Yeah so i just looked at this email and i have been kinda rambleing on and I dont know really what else to say! Its kida funny right now because one our invesigitors is with me right now. Marcella is with and says Hi!

Well it Sound like everyone is doing good! 

 Sorry I dont have much to say! Just Chat wiht me!! ;)